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Trio of Tuna, Smoked, Sashimi, Tataki

Trio of Tuna, Smoked, Sashimi, Tataki

Love A'Fare, A Catering Experience

Love A'Fare, A Catering Experience
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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Spicy, Sweet and Sour Beef Short Ribs.......Oh My!!!!

One of my favorite dishes right now.  I find when there is something that I like to eat, making it a few times and with a few different flavours really allows me to refine and get the most out of the dish.
For this one the short ribs were seasoned with just salt and then into a pan that will allow me to sear them and make the dish a "one pot meal".  I don't have a dishwasher and the less dishes the better in my world.

Making sure there is lots of colour on these before the ingredients for the sauce is added.  Also, don't let the pan get too dark or you will have a burnt flavour...unless you are going for that!

Then leeks, garlic, red wine, a little beef demi, tomato paste 1tbsp, Apple Cider vinegar 2tbsp, Some dried chilies and 1tsp of Sambal were added to this dish.  Letting the spicy and sour flavour cook into the meat.  This was covered and slow roasted in the oven at 250F for about 2hours.  Then taken out and let cool.

Don't touch the meat until it is cooled right down or it will fall apart in your hands.  The fat need to harden up so that you can put a glaze on it.  Once cooled the meat was removed and the rest was strained to make into a sauce.  All I added at this point was a bit of salt and 2tbsp of honey.  The was heated up again and tasted to make sure the balance was right for my taste to be put on as a glaze for the beef ribs.

The ribs were placed on a baking tray with parchment paper.  I brushed on the glaze and slowly baked the ribs letting the sweetness candy coat the ribs along with the balance of the sour and spicy.  Added to the bowl with some salad and as always blue cheese.  I was not sure how the blue cheese was going to pair with the rest but it turned out to be great!!!

Have a great day!


  1. Oh...way too good!! That sauce - just need some thick crusty bread.

  2. The Spelt bread came in handy for that!!!