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Trio of Tuna, Smoked, Sashimi, Tataki

Trio of Tuna, Smoked, Sashimi, Tataki

Love A'Fare, A Catering Experience

Love A'Fare, A Catering Experience
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Friday, December 31, 2010

New Years Eve Dinner with Friends, Lovers and a............

Communal toast around the world of well wishers and happy thoughts projected forward to the coming year and new decade.  The last ten years of the new millennium was a feisty little character. Showing all sides of an infantile decade of uncertainty, frustration and figuring out how to express ones emotions and get a point across.  Like a baby who can't talk but will fuss and cry until someone figures out what they need and then slowly gains a voice and starts to speak and put words together. Soon, looks at the world with unbridled enthusiasm and emits pure joy through a smile, a squeal and a sparkle in the eye (I know you have all seen that before, the smile and laughter of a child is irresistible).
Well, we are now closing in on our teenage years, having thrown our temper-tantrums and receiving mother nature's timeouts, spankings and other misfortunes combined with the moments of beauty and peace. (What, you didn't find that?? Time to relax, let go and enjoy the moment)  Now come the hormones, the eleven-teens,the ups and downs of teenagers.  We have all been a part of this the time. This immaturity where you think you know everything and then as you move forward and grow, you realize knowledge is acquired over many years and everyday is a new and learned experience.  Lest we forget this time in our own lives and now use this knowledge to grow this decade into a mature teenager who is taught the intolerance of bullying, not being judgmental towards others and learns that name calling and picking on someone is one of the weakest traits we can carry as humans.  It is our job as the human race to nurture this new decade and make sure it blossoms into a loved, respected, classy and charming young adult.
Don't worry about the past, it will always be there.  Don't fret about the future because no matter what you do, it is coming.  Live right now!  Enjoy the moment, enjoy your moment and do what you can to make the world a better place.  Celebrate today with the knowledge that around the world whether you have already or are about to embark on this celebratory night, we all acknowledge the New Year and we all share the positive outlook for the coming 12 months.
A toast to you all and I sincerely wish you the very best and hope that you do your very best to make this New Year a great one, one day at a time!

Thank you for letting me rant.

Enjoy your meal tonight as it is the last one of the year.  Here are a couple ideas!  The first is an Antipasto Platter with Pearl Onions and Capers, Sage and Walnut Pesto, Olives, Prosciutto and Basil Wrapped Asparagus, Grape Leaf Wrapped Heart of Palm, Feta Cheese and Olive Oil and Cracked Black Pepper Crostini.  Serve this with a Cheese Fondue or Raclette and spread the smiles!
Something I really enjoy doing on special nights, certain occasions or just to surprise and put a smile on a face, is to personalize a meal!  Using a Zucchini, Eggplant, Apple or what ever you have in the kitchen plus a small paring knife.  Cut out your pieces, usually I will shape them like leaves, and very carefully carve out the initials of your guests for dinner.  This is extra work and time consuming, until you get the hang of it, but worth it for the smile it receives. Once carved saute in a pan with seasoning, I like to use poppy seeds whenever doing this as the black poppy seeds are a great contrast especially with yellow zucchini. This is a Steak Dinner I presented to the Levitation Project while they were filming a ski movie at the lodge where I worked. 
Served with a Roasted Garlic Sauce, Parmesan Chip, Maple Roasted Carrots finished with coarse salt, Zucchini shaped and carved to resemble leaves and a Gratin of Potato (under the steak).  These boys need a big meal at the end of their day and this course of their dinner gave them that!

So while you are preping the last meal of the year, lift your glass in a silent toast around the world as we all celebrate New Year's Eve 2010.


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