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Trio of Tuna, Smoked, Sashimi, Tataki

Trio of Tuna, Smoked, Sashimi, Tataki

Love A'Fare, A Catering Experience

Love A'Fare, A Catering Experience
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Friday, August 6, 2010

New favorite summer dinner!

I like dinner in the summer to be simple and fast as there is way to much to do besides cook in a hot kitchen, especially when days off from work are happening!
So last night craving my favorite, chips, and still wanting fresh summer garden fare, this is what I ate.

I made some cheese nachos (oven on for a total of 15 minutes, so the rest of the house didn't get too hot.)
In another bowl, that I am eating out of, yellow and red tomatoes, peas, butter crunch lettuce, avocado, cucumber, onion and some smoked paprika were cut into small pieces and mixed into a bowl.   I used like a salsa and put the fresh vegetables, mostly from the garden, on the chips and ate dinner.  Once the chips were gone the fresh vegetables were so crunchy, watery and a fabulous memory that I am going to have it again tonight!!!    Meat schmeat on this one cause it is tooooo hot to be cooking in my kitchen!!!

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