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Trio of Tuna, Smoked, Sashimi, Tataki

Trio of Tuna, Smoked, Sashimi, Tataki

Love A'Fare, A Catering Experience

Love A'Fare, A Catering Experience
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Friday, September 16, 2011

Harvest, Hikes and Good Eats

  This is one of my favorite sunflowers in the garden this year.  I have found myself really examining it from bloom and now it is growing seeds for next years garden.....already planning!  The harvest thus far has been fabulous, potatoes, leeks, beets, butter crunch lettuce, broccoli, various peppers, strawberries, carrots, fava beans (my new favorite and there will be a lot of these next year), snap peas, various squash, kale, french beans, fennel, Brussel sprouts(i am hoping these finish, but great learning experience),Jerusalem artichoke,tomatillos, garlic, onions and lots of herbs!  A lot of new things were tried this year and the learning experience of the garden is one of my favorite things about summer.  Cooking various meals from the garden is my other favorite and I hope you enjoy some pictures as much as I enjoyed making the pictures!!!
A little Thai curry stew.  I love to go grocery shopping everyday in the garden and see what is ready to eat!!
Duck for dinner, yes please.  This particular one was a cupboard cleaning meal.  using ingredients that will need to  be eaten and replaced was fun.  There is a lot going on in this bowl but it was delicious!
 My quick version of Huevos Rancheros.  Hands down my favorite breakfast!!!  Not the prettiest but sure delicious!
This meal was some garden goodness!  Curried Lamb Shank....this was from the lamb that was purchased last spring from a local source.  The veggies were from the garden plus some Paneer, spice and coconut milk.  So Good!
What have you been eating from your garden?  Have any questions???? Please ask!
 The wee George and a Mountain Goat.  They hung out just staring at each other for a long time!
 The crew at the base of Gimili Peak!

 I almost stepped on this!  Large and in charge in the mountains!

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