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Trio of Tuna, Smoked, Sashimi, Tataki

Trio of Tuna, Smoked, Sashimi, Tataki

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Love A'Fare, A Catering Experience
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Friday, June 4, 2010

Rainy Day Thai Coconut, Yellow Lentil Soup.....easiest receipe!

This to me is the easiest soup that is so delicious and nutritious.
Place 2 Cups of Lentils in water for 30mins to soak.
Place in pot with 6 cups of water and Coconut Powder (if using canned coconut then 4cups of water and 1 can of coconut milk or follow directions on powder coconut or use the best method.....TASTE YOUR FOOD AS YOU COOK IT)
Add 1Tbsp of Thai Paste
Bring to a low bubbly boil over medium low heat for about 35mins.
Add the Sunflower Butter, 1 tbsp
Add the Soy Sauce....the one I used is wheat free for all those wheat intolerant folks.
As the lentils cook, they will start to break down and they will absorb the liquid, so make sure you are ready to add more.  When they are soft and the soup is to your liking....EAT!
I didn't add any salt to this as the soy and the paste have salt and I am trying to make this healthy and not spike blood sugars, blood pressure and insulin levels!!   If you feel it needs more salt then by all means add some but sometimes I find that an acid is what you really need some lime juice in this particular soup would be a fine addition.

Have a magically delicious day!


  1. Nicole! How about the Fire Mexi Chicken recipe? What do I rub the fine chicken down with?

  2. First of all you will need to come to terms with the fact that you have to get in there with your hands! I use, cumin, smoked paprika and salt (keep it simple). You will know you have don a good job when the chicken turns a little red from the paprika. Then cut out the backbone and ribs. Turn the chicken over so it is breast side up, place your hands on the breast bone and push down to flatten out the chicken. Put on the fire and start grilling. About half way through add some more salt and spice. Remember to turn the chicken every 5-7 minutes, don't let the fire get to hot, this is a much better dish when it is slow roasted.